Project Plans

The Horten family research will involve reading through several church and civil registers in Trier.  The family was Catholic in the United States and believed to have been Catholic in Prussia (Germany).  This task requires a systematic look through the registers to find out where Hortens lived. 

As of now, the Hortens have not yet been found.  The search is on-going.

Fortunately, the Borlinghausen family was found in indexes.  The family lived in Simmerath and Bergstein; not in Cologne as thought before research began in Germany (Prussia).  It is believed that the family named the largest city around where they lived as where it was from.  This can be quite common when trying to trace ancestry.  In reading the microfilms listed on the extracted information, it was found that some records are in French and some in German.  An occasional Latin spelling of names and words has also been found.  The family lived in Simerath and Bergstein during the time of occupation by Napoleon Bonaparte.  So far, the records extracted have been civil registration records. 


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